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   Energy Miser II Glass™

The Cutting Edge In Energy Saving Glass Unit Technology

Jantek's Energy Miser II™  high performance insulated glass unit (IGU) is the absolute best in Energy Saving integrated glass unit technology. Building on our long history of thermal performance superiority with our Energy Miser glass designs, Jantek's Energy Miser II™ IGU technology offers lower U-factors (higher R-values), and, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients that can be custom designed higher or lower based on the homeowner's Energy Star® Climate Zone. Consumers can now choose Energy Miser II™ Glass with insulation values of R3, R5 or an industry leading R6!  

QNot All Low-E Glass Is The Same!

Not all LowE glass is the same! Many products use inferior hard coat LowE coatings which do not have the same thermal efficiencies as Jantek's Energy Miser II ™ glass.  So be sure to ask about a window's overall "whole window" thermal performance (U-Factor, and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) as opposed to just "center of glass" performance when comparing. Also be sure to look for at least a 7/8" double Pane, or a full 1" triple pane glass unit with a warm edge spacer system to ensure maximum "Whole Window" thermal performance in a replacement window. The best way to compare  "Whole Window" thermal performance is to ask to see the NFRC certification sticker or the NFRC certified performance numbers for the exact model window you are considering.  

Our Energy Miser II™  integrated glass units are based on the best available high performance soft coat LowE coating, DuraSeal® warm edge spacer technology and Argon or Krypton gas fill to each insulated glass unit. The "Whole Window" R-Value performance of our Energy Miser II glass unit is twice as good as double clear glass and with triple glass it’s over three times better. Also our triple glass windows with Energy Miser II™ achieve an overall window insulation value of R5, and with Krypton gas,  our windows achieve an R6 insulation value which is far superior to most other windows available on the market today. 

How do Energy Miser II™ Integrated Glass Units work?

Simply put LowE high performance coatings reflect radiant heat. Our new soft coat high performance coatings, coupled with the super insulating warm edge spacer technology,  tape glazing method and Argon or Krypton Gas fill, are so superior in material design quality, that we can achieve superior R-Value insulating certifications from the National Fenestration Rating Council, the EPA's Energy Star® Program and the U.S. Department of Energy's High Performance Window program.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 58% of the energy used in a building is impacted by windows. Energy Miser II™ Glass units work double duty saving you on both your heating and cooling energy bills.

In the winter your LowE coating reflects the heat given off by warmed surfaces in your home to conserve on the cost of operating your heating system. Also it keeps the inside glass surface much warmer so you and your family will feel much more comfortable.

In the hot summer cooling season the radiant energy from the sun is reflected away so that your cooling load is greatly reduced. The inside glass surface temperature is much cooler so you and your family will feel more comfortable.

As an additional benefit the Energy Miser II™ coatings also filter out most of the damaging UV radiation form the sun. This greatly reduces fading of you window furnishings, upholstery and floors increasing their lifetime and saving you even more.