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Frequently Asked Questions

I think I need new windows, but is it worth the money?

Window replacement is a smart home-improvement idea, especially if you select high quality super energy saving replacement windows like those manufactured by Jantek. They will save you money because your home heating and cooling bills will be lower—and your home will be a lot more comfortable to live in.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the windows in your home account for 58% of all of your home energy usage!  New windows will increase your home's value and provide numerous other benefits like enhanced beauty, easy cleaning and require very little maintenance. 

Consider replacing your windows if:

  1. Your home feels drafty in cold weather or uncomfortably warm from heat penetrating your windows in warmer weather.
  2. Your heating and cooling bills are high—and continue to increase.
  3. Your home's existing windows are faded, making your home look old and dated.
  4. The glass in your windows is cracked, has condensation between the glass,  or the operating hardware is in need of repair.
  5. Your windows are difficult or impossible to open or close.
  6. Your old windows require constant work—puttying, painting, and re-caulking.
  7. You're planning to sell your home and the home inspection lists them as needing replacement.

How do I shop for new windows?

If you are thinking about replacing the windows in your home, the choices you make about style, materials, and installation could have a big impact on your energy bill, you maintenance requirements and your wallet! Here are some tips from the Federal Trade Commission. 

Shopping for New Windows? (Federal Trade Commission)

How do I choose the right window and contractor?

1.)  Check the  Better Business Bureau record of the company selling you the windows and installation. Also, make note if the company is listed as a BBB "Accredited Business" indicating that it is meeting high accreditation standards of the BBB. 

2.) Check the NFRC and Energy Star® listings of the manufacturer to make sure that the windows that you are purchasing have been tested and certified. Ask any sales person to see the NFRC label for the exact window you are purchasing. If they tell you that the NFRC numbers are not important... RUN! Understand the U-Factor, Solar Hear Gain Coefficient and Air Leakage ratings for the exact windows you are purchasing (see our Technical Information Page)  Remember, in the North there is a longer heating season, so a lower U-Factor is most important. In the South there is a longer cooling season, so a lower SHGC is most important. 

3.)  Select windows with frames and sashes made from premium-grade vinyl. All vinyl frames should be fusion welded and not screwed together. Technological advancements over the past decade make vinyl the best material choice for energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance and beauty.

4.) Choose "custom-made" windows. Though the initial purchase price may be higher than standard-sized windows, custom-manufactured windows are the best value in the long run because installation is faster and little to no "cosmetic" work to the inside or outside of your home is required. Plus, an exact fit means better thermal performance and lower energy bills!

5.) Replacing windows is a great way to give your home a fresh, new look. Consider all the various styles, shapes and options such Jantek's AccuBond™ colorization process. Todays window technology offers options and benefits never imagined before—from enhanced energy performance and protection against damaging UV light to noise reduction and security and greater comfort.

6.) Select ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and doors from a manufacturer that participates in the ENERGY STAR program. With continuously rising energy costs, high-performance products will keep your heating and cooling bills lower—and provide a greater level of comfort for your home.

7.) After doing your research, make your purchase from the company that provides you with the best value. That is, the best combination of Energy Performance, Product and Service Quality  and Price. All three of these are document-able from the research you did per 1 through 5 above. 

Of course you may contact Jantek Customer Service or come into our Factory and Showroom and our knowledgable staff will be happy to answer any questions. 

Anyone can install windows, its easy right?

Sure, any one can install a window... as long as they have the proper expertise and credentials. Good windows installed badly by someone who is not an expert,  won't deliver the look, comfort, or savings you expect. So in addition to getting multiple bids and detailed contracts, here are some specific tips on choosing an installer: 

Seek certification 

Many major window manufacturers, like Jantek,  train and certify installers on their specific lines. Using the same contractor for purchase and installation can avoid finger-pointing if there is a problem later. Also a certification from a reputable organization such as InstallationMasters™  Of particular importance if your property was built prior to 1978, is that as of April 22, 2010, Federal Law requires all window installation companies to be certified and registered with the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection. For properties built prior to 1978,  strict Lead Safe Work Practices  must be followed while installing your windows unless a lead test is completed and indicates that lead is not present. Your window installer must also have a signed receipt from you indicating that he gave you the required "Renovate Right" publication prior to beginning work.  If your contractor does not seem to know about this or, does not want to comply, he is breaking the law and possibly, so are you. The law does not apply to you if you are installing your own windows. 

What's the warranty on the installation?

The manufacturer's warranty covers product defects, but does not cover defects in the installation that may lead to leaks or poor performance of your windows. Make sure that you get a written warranty from your installer that will cover any defects in the installation. 

Interview the installer 

Go to the window manufacturer's website and read the Installation Instructions for the window you've chosen.  Jantek has posted installation instructions  for its window models on this website.  Ask whether the installer plans to follow them—down to details such as the type, 

amount, and placement of flashing/capping, and insulation. If not, he should be able to explain why. 

Remember that some changes, or neglecting to follow the manufacturers instructions while installing replacement windows could void the manufacturer's product warranty. 

Know what to expect 

Any seasoned installer should be able to tell you how long the actuaI task of installing 

replacement windows should take. Ask about the installation process. It's better if each new 

window is put in immediately after the old one is removed. If one crew removes all the 

windows first and another installs, you'll be left with multiple openings for the duration. And be 

sure the installer measures each replacement window before he rips out the old one. 

Otherwise, you could end up with a boarded-up hole waiting for the right window to arrive. 

Mind the little details 

If you want to paint after installing replacement windows, have the installer use acrylic-latex 

caulk, which is paintable, not silicone. And be sure the window works well before the installer 

applies interior trim.