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Technical Information 

How to Measure For Jantek Replacement Windows

If you would like a free estimate you can use this guide to measure your existing window openings before dropping by our factory in Medford, where our showroom staff will show you our products and even bring you on a Factory Tour while your estimate is being prepared.  

Manufacturer's Recommended Installation Method Instructions

As a manufacturer, Jantek recommends that certain installation methods be followed in order to properly install our windows. Read all instructions thoroughly before beginning installation of your Jantek window products

How to Install Jantek Window Products

U.S. EPA On High Performance Windows

The United States Environmental Protection Agency promotes the use of High Performance Windows like those made by Jantek Industries. This EPA "Fact Sheet" is designed to help consumers learn more about energy efficient windows.

Warm Edge Spacer Technology

Windows that use "Warm Edge" technology like the DuraSeal® in Jantek's Energy Miser™Glass units, save far more energy than standard insulated glass units or "thermal pane" windows... here's why!

Understanding the NFRC Performance Label

The NFRC Performance Label is the single most effective way to distinguish the energy saving performance between window brands and models. Here is a simple guide to understanding what the numbers on the label mean.

How Much Do Windows Affect My Energy Bill?

Did you ever wonder what impact the windows in your house have on your energy consumption?  Here is what the U.S. Department of Environmental Protection has to say about it!

What is "Whole Window R-Value"?

"R-Value" is the common measurement of any building product's insulating value.  When looking for new windows and patio doors, don't be fooled by other manufacturers or retailers who may quote "Center Of Glass" R-values which are the R-values of the glass units only.  The R-value of the "whole window," that is including the frame, sashes in addition to the glass together,  will be less than that of just the glass. So many companies try to make themselves look better by using the higher number of the insulated glass pack alone.  The insulation (R-value) value of the whole window is what you want to know... and  is determined by dividing a window's NFRC certified "U -Factor"  into the number 1 and rounding it up or down to the nearest whole number.   Example:  1 / u-factor .18= 5.55 or R-6. The Higer the "R-Value" the better the insulation. Any reputable manufacturer or retailer should be able to tell you the NFRC certified U-factor AND the "whole window" insulation value for each style of window they are quoting you. You should verify that information  on the NFRC website.  

 All of Jantek's window models are Certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council for the US EPA's Energy Star® program. All of our windows are available in your choice of Insulation Values... R-3, R-5 or R-6.  The Special Offer contained herein applies to our American Classic Energy Miser II R-6 windows only. 

Understanding Condensation

Do you have condensation in or on your window glass? Click the link below to understand why. 

Vinyl Window Anatomy

A simple overview of the various parts of a window

Typical Window Styles

Diagrams and characteristics of typical window styles