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Typical Window Styles

Single-Hung/Double Hung

- Sashes move up and down in the master frame

- In single-hung units, the top glass is fixed only the bottom moves.

 -Better models have tilt in sash feature that makes for easy cleaning

- uses a "balance" system to control sash movement and hold it stationary in the open position 

 - external screens


- scissor hinges on left or right depending on how you want the window to open. 

- better models have multi-point locking systems and a single locking lever. 

 - Often a left hinged and a right hinged are mulled together into a single sturctural opening. 

  - Window opens 90 degrees to frame for full  ventilation

  - Screens installed on interior

Bow or Bay Window

-Better grade Bows and Bays have the windows installed into  an actual buck frame rather than just vinyl or aluminum

- A Bay is three windows, a Bow can be four, five or six windows in combination to form radius projection to exterior. 

-Should always be installed with proper supports tied into the building structure



Awning window- works like a casement but is side or top hinged. 

- Sash opens to the exterior, projects out 

-Screen is internal. 


- Typically one or two moving sashes. which slide left or right to create ventalation. 

- Pocket sliders usually have lift out sashes for easy cleaning. .

Fixed Frame

Fixed frame window- Large non-opening glass area used for gathering exterior light or views 

- often used in combination "mulling" to other operatiing window such as double hungs or casements